I (Rick) have enjoyed hiking, camping, fishing, and the outdoors my whole life. There is nothing better than grilling hamburgers, venison steak, or freshly caught fish on the grill, and then enjoying the sunset. Starlet and I have done a lot of camping together since we met in 1993. We began with tent camping, stayed in cabins at times, and eventually bought our first camper. We love meeting people, hearing their "stories," and being outdoors whenever we can.

Starlet's desire was to buy a piece of land and develop our own RV and cabin park. In 2017, when we discovered these 64 acres, which included a small, private lake, we were thrilled and started to work immediately. We wanted to offer our guests larger site spaces, as well as a nice place with a country feel to come "home" to. The two coded entrance gates are an added security for our park. Decorative trees and plants were planted for their beauty, as well as to welcome birds in the area.

The kids love the new playscape area we developed in 2020. The private lake is inviting to swim, kayak, or fish in, or just sit under the oak grove observing the ducks or herons that visit. Whether you bring your camper or choose to book one of our cabins, we hope you will enjoy
your stay at The Getaway.

Rick and Starlet Harp